Thursday, October 23, 2008

The phones of my life

1997 - NOKIA 6110 Chameleon
The first phone i can remember. Cool chamelon colored. I connected my laptop to the the internet using a homemade cable to bootstrap PC suite the first time. Afterwards i could use infrared connection.
I really loved this phone and had it for several years.

1999 - NOKIA 7110
Cool sliding banana. I got this as a replacement when the other one was lost. Insurance covered it with a little between to pay. This phone also had a WAP browser. -lost 27/6 2001
      • WAP browser

2001 - Nokia 6210 Silver
Bought 11/7 2001 12:23. The phone in cool silver. This phone dissapered in a mysterious way right outside my house - a rainy day. I never figured out what happened to it.

          • MMS
          • Bluetooth

2004 Sony Ericsson K700i

Color display and "real" internet capabillities.

A great step ahead. Pretty fast browser.

        • EDGE
        • KAMERA
        • Color display

2005 Sony Ericsson Z800i

My first flip phone. A short relationship that only lastet for a couple of months.

          • 3G ?

2006 NOKIA N70

3G - wow !.
Symbian and true multitasking, and copy paste. And of cource video calls which i never used except for the day i bought it I knew only one person to call to try.
3GVideo calls
What happened to the autolock ?

2007 HTC S700

            • Full Exchange sync of contacts,calendar and mail
            • WLAN

My wife did not like the first summer holiday with this phone. After a week i had to turn of push mail for the holiday at least.

2008 Apple IPhone 3G

Can it get better ?

  • Touch screen
  • Full exchange sync
  • Facebook
  • Safari browser