Monday, November 28, 2011

Great quotes and notes from the TEDx in Brussels

This is my overflow from the last blog post on the TEDx 2011 in BrusselsI had so many great quotes, that I simply had to share them.

The clock rate of organisations are increasing

The driving force for aggregation is diversity

What makes us intelligent is the models we think with

The only way you can be more effective is by aggregation

Good models make useful ideas simple

In 2061 aggregate individuals will be the dominant species of the planet

Lets make them of love
The singularity is here

Ken Haase Is an engineer scientist philosopher that talked about the singularity - a new concept to me - but basically how human intelligence can aggregate into new "super intelligence" by means of communications technology - and I guess a shared purpose. A slightly frightening, but at the same time exiting perspective. Frightening because it implies to some extent giving up your own personal interest (ego), lending your brain to a bigger cause (something you might argue we do at work everyday anyway :-) Some examples
  • The Open Science movement - Michael Nielsen. 
  • Timothy Gowers - Polymath project, crowdsoursing a match problem.
  • Social reading - change the way we read.

The cost of an East African to go online will be reduced by 90% this year 
Leila Jana
The microwork revolution

Literacy is not enough

“Education is about opportunity”

Education is the single most powerful tool we have to radicate poverty
Kushal Charkrabi
started Vittana a project for
micro financing education in the third world

 The rules of yesterday, can simply not apply for the life of tomorrow

The more you share, the less they know
Hasan Elahi
  talks about radical transparency

If we don't pay attention I think we can end up in a future of participatory totalitarianism
Kaliya Hamlin
Identity, the contexts of future.

Where power goes, governance must follow

I believe the Globalisation of power is one of the phenomenas of our time

The US will remain the most powerful nation on earth for the next 10-15 years

We have to do business with people we do not share values. but have a common interest

We are interdependent in a way we never have been before

Paddy Ashton´s third law: In the modern age where everything is connected, the most important thing is what you can do together with others

The poem No man is an Island is a part of the equation for our survival
Why the world will never be the same, 
and what we should do about it.

Financiers think they started the party

Finance its not an industry

Capital follows ideas, it always has
Entrepreneurs 2061

Make science a fundamental part of being co-creator of God, and make wonderful things that our grand children can be proud of”

The money class will be the technologically equipped class

We will feel the consequences of global warming, survive and learn from it

The social cost of all this (global warming) will be brutally intimidating

The ones that contributes the least to global warming will suffer most

Addiction to social media will increase

Every technology and wrinkle of technology has a dark side

A machine which pollutes is only half invented

Fear will make us less emphatic - unless we fight it

David Brin
Reinventing Civilization across half a century

 People will grow houses
Biology is nanotechnology
Beyond machines: The year 3000

Information and energy is two sides of the same coin

In the next 50 years we will work on the physics of information

Particles - troubles me

Dimensions are just cultural artifacts, we don't need them

Consciousness is creating the illusion of space and time
A theory of everything (else)

Its a pleasure to be her in Europe - I come frome the UK

Death is our last great adventure
The art of dying well

Bad PowerPoint presentations are a serious threat to the global economy

We should use dancers to express all of our complex problems
Dance your PhD

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