Monday, March 26, 2012

House on the moon and opera in the fjords

March 15th I attended the GROW innovation conference in Bergen for the second year. It was a day for inspiration and new perspectives.

Most refreshing I found the talk of the Swedish artist Mikael Genberg whose project is to build a little red house on the moon - Luna Resort. The project seems more likely to matrialize than I thought at first. In 2008 NASA gained interest in the project and invited him for a meeting. You can read about the project in his blog (swedish). Other interesting projects of his are the Woodpecker Hotel located in a tree in the central park of Stockholm, and a underwater hotel 3m below the surface of Lake Mälaren near Stockholm. He also has a underwater hotel project at Zanzibar in progress.
The lesson to take home from his talk is that you only need  three things:


                  COMPETANCE        COURAGE                           

Steinar Sørli held another very inspiring talk. He and his male partner and their dog, are the hosts of one of the most excotic tourist attractions in Norway - Åmot Opera Farm.

They have  managed to book the superstar soprano  Kiri Te Kanawa and are rated as one of the most exostic destinations in Scandinavia by CNN.


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