Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Testing my Kindle under extreme conditions

This weekend I spent one night in tent in -13°C, and used the opportunity to test my Kindle under these conditions.

Since I got my Kindle in November it has been a dear companion on travels.

Its best features are what it does not have :
  • Apps
  • Good browser (it only has one that sucks)
  • E-mail
  • Games

This shields me from the restlessness that I have with my iPhone, iPad or desktop computer for that matter. There is basically nothing else to do than reading. This is what makes paper books great - you stay focused and calm.

The question is - does it also work under such extreme conditions ?

And the answer is YES it does. 

The e-ink and battery have no problems operating in 13°C, below zero. This is of course good news, because reducing weight, and at the same time bringing several books on such trips is nice.

So what am I reading ?
I am trying to muddle through "Autobiography of a Yogi" curious after learning that Steve Jobs read this book once a year. To be honest I´m not sure if I will complete it once in my lifetime.


Arne S said...

Funny and interesting at the same time - whats not to like?

HopeO said...

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