Wednesday, May 30, 2012

I rest my case - Evernote and Shakespeare for personal creativity

I promised an update on my search for the optimal personal creativity app in my last blog post. In retrospect in became even clearer to me that it is more inspiring to be guided by Shakespeare and start every day by simply posing the question:

"Who do I want to be today ?" 

rather than what is my Todo list today ? Anyway, I did some googling and stumbled upon The four hour work week blog by Tim Ferriss. I was so curious that I downloaded his book on my Kindle. At first I was very sceptic (and I guess still am), but I must admit he has some very provoking and interesting thoughts on personal productivity and personal creativity.

He convinced me to give Evernote a new (and real try), and I must admit it has more or less all features I have been looking for.

  1. Capture web pages (both just URL and complete page) using web clipper
  2. Capture images
  3. Capture documents like PDFs
  4. A tagging systems - that allows you relate items along several dimensions and escape hierarchies
  5. Instant Cloud based synchronization between all devices
  6. Possibility to create lists
  7. Sharing - by allowing shared notebooks.

The only thing I miss (a bit) is OCR recognition. It may be available in the premium edition I´m not sure.
After less than a moth of usage, I have already stored tons of data and I use it everyday. So my quest for a personal creativity app has ended - I will stay with evernote, and most likely turn into a premium customer very soon. I will dump my brain into this trusted external storage - naive as I am

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