Monday, December 30, 2013

Kids coding on Raspberry PI

During Christmas we had a coding workshop in our local code club. I had a Raspberry PI session with 9 kids for the first time. It was fun and we all learnt a bit :-).

The programming was mainly scratch, but I had equipped the Raspberries with Googles coder OS that is an nice way to learn web programming.

The Google coder, works fine when you have one person using the same raspberry, but once two ore more people started to access the same Rasperry, it hang and I had to reinstall the image.

I am fairly new to scratch myself so it was fun to see all the cool stuff the kids made. I must admit that coding Schratch is much better in the online version than on a Raspberry. To justify having a Raperry PI session I think we need some Gadgets to connect to it.  Learning programming is probably better done with online resources.


shahdkhan said...

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Arnold DK said...

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