Thursday, June 21, 2012

iPad 3 harnessed for sailing

My iPad 3 is now prepared for summer holiday at sea. After some research, the choice landed on Griffins Survivor case. Both because it is reasonable priced and it fits the iPad 3 (even if not stated explicitly on the package). An alternative - the Lifeproof case, not available for iPad 3 yet , looks pretty good, but is slightly more expensive.

After testing it outdoors, I already suspect one problem - sun reflections. With direct sunlight and a small angle, the plastic screen cover very quickly turns into a mirror.

The apps ? Navionics Marine HD of course. Its is a must and have integrated weather forecast which is a huge advantage. In addition Havneguiden (Harbour Guide) which is an excellent guide to all harbors in Scandinavia. Finally,  I can recommend the Windfinder app on iPhone - it provides real time weather data from several weather stations along the coast.

And finally the route ? From Bergen we will head of south towards Denmark and hopefully return to our favorite islands Læsø and Anholt. Weather and time will show.

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