Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Summer - 28 days at sea

Skjermbilde 2012-09-05 kl. 22.09.53IMG_1844IMG_1855IMG_1867IMG_1883IMG_1896

Summer 2012 - sailing, a set on Flickr.
We headed for wonderful Læsø in Kattegat - the third summer in a row. For the first time - I also had to sail the boat back to Bergen. The first week I sailed the boat alone to Kristiansand together with my two youngest kids Emma(9) and Jonas (7). Down there my wife Lene and Emil (13) joined us.

4 weeks in a boat is an adventure and the days were packed with new happenings. Læsø was as beautiful as always and rewarded us with clear water and blue sky enough days - so we felt it was worth it.

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