Thursday, September 06, 2012

Phone on Fire, Kindle and a Kettle

It was with great excitement I unpacked my new BioLite camp stove today. It was ordered 5 minutes after reading about it in PopularScience+. 10 days later it was delivered on my door. For a camper this is good news - it´s a great camping stove (It boiled 1 litre of water in less than 10 minutes), and it has a USB outlet. As we all know - most modern phone batteries does not survive 2 days of tent life.

This groundbreaking piece of technology from Seattle is a super efficient wood fired cooking stove with a fan and a thermal-electric element that charges the battery. Surplus energy can be used to charge phones etc.

iPhone 4GS and Kinde charged well, but not my iPad3 This was just an indoor test in my fireplace.

I really look forward to the first outdoor test.

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